Accounting System

Rajan Modi and Associates is dedicated to helping you achieve faster business growth and more managed systems with our simplified accounting solutions. Our professionals are best at managing your time and cost efficiency while managing a range of your accounts, bookkeeping, and administrative tasks.

Since your accounting system is the backbone of your administrative department, we make sure it runs smoothly and error-free. To deliver the best outcomes, we use the up-to-the-minute technology and analytics solutions to streamline your workflow. We’ll enhance your existing accounting software/portal or (if needed) replace it with a more accurate one to maximize your productivity. Not only does it improves your functionality and accuracy but also secures your critical data perfectly.

It’s upon what you require – whether you want our services on an hourly basis or you need full-time accounting guidance – our system, technology, and assistance are ready to keep your accounting and bookkeeping tasks in the top shape.

More Services

Financial Planning and Modeling

We’ll plan and prepare the best financial program and techniques for your specific project needs.

Revenue Forecasting

Our professionals analyze which change in the executed program will generate more income.

Management and Analysis

Our experts will keep track of all the changes and make sure our measures are going as per the plan.

Financial Model Auditing

We also help in auditing your current financial plans and provide training for internal functionality.

Regulatory Management

It is our task to ensure all the financial planning complies with the rules and laws of the nation.

Process Improvement

When in need of modifications, we apply changed techniques to suit the upcoming requirement.