Tax Compliance and Planning

With constantly changing tax requirements and regulations, actionable tax advice is more necessary than ever. Both businesses and individuals have to bear tax consequences due to investments, business transactions, and individual income and expenditure. The Rajan Modi professionals help you stay up-to-the-date with changing tax regulations and prepare for better tax-related decisions.

Our first and foremost duty is to make sure you don’t have to worry about tax surprises after you come to the financial year-end. We guide you to be more proactive about your tax liabilities and the ways by which you can alleviate tax consequences. No matter you are a business-person or a salaried professional, our professionals take the responsibility of helping you stay abreast of the latest tax requirements and deadlines.

We have onboard highly experienced industry experts dedicated to helping you earn total peace of mind when it comes to tax planning, payroll tax, tax compliance, business setup related tax needs, filing returns, and developing tax strategies.

More Services

Financial Planning and Modeling

We’ll plan and prepare the best financial program and techniques for your specific project needs.

Revenue Forecasting

Our professionals analyze which change in the executed program will generate more income.

Management and Analysis

Our experts will keep track of all the changes and make sure our measures are going as per the plan.

Financial Model Auditing

We also help in auditing your current financial plans and provide training for internal functionality.

Regulatory Management

It is our task to ensure all the financial planning complies with the rules and laws of the nation.

Process Improvement

When in need of modifications, we apply changed techniques to suit the upcoming requirement.