6 Things a Chartered Accountant Does for You

A number of elements contribute to the success of a business. Consider, for example, product and service quality, brand value and marketing skills. But what is it that manages all of these things? All businesses need the helping hand of a chartered accountant whose financial advisory and planning services can escort you from zero to zenith within days.

The general conception is this that a chartered accountant is only needed to file tax returns and make balance sheets of your company – but there’s much more to it. A seasoned financial advisor is an essential asset to shape your business’s current structure and ensure your company’s growth graph always points north.


Bookkeeping or record keeping is the foundation of a business’s financial system. It means keeping all the records of your financial transactions for your business. If done properly, bookkeeping can be one of the primary reasons for your business expansion. That’s what a CA takes care of. He analyzes all your transactions, looks into the possibility of claiming for tax relief, prevents any undue expense, and makes provisions for business expansions whenever possible.

Formulating Business Plans

It’s the extensive knowledge in their field and strategic understanding of the current and potential situation that help chartered accountants in planning business growth.

The professionals in the field are well-versed in all terms and terminology of accounting. Once they get familiar with your brand, they can proficiently analyze how productive a business plan and strategy can be for you. Additionally, they can fine tune your existing business plans to make the most of all possible opportunities.


Auditing refers to the official inspection of a company’s accounts and records, and it’s an extremely tedious task. However, hiring a professional CA will make things sail smoothly as they are brilliant at their job and can prevent any hiccups from interrupting your business affairs.

Cost Controls

Yes, true…chartered accountants are expert in making budgets by balancing the fixed and variable costs incurred by companies. In fact, no one other than a CA is a good option when it comes to cost controlling and increased profits, both in dull and fast expanding days.

Financial Compliance

With the growth of a business, many complexities revolving around business procedures and tax requirements shoot up. Now, this is where you can put the expertise of an expert financial advisor to good use. A specialist in the field will assist you in effective tax planning and consultancy to cut down the tax you pay to the government. Besides, they use their experience, knowledge, and foresight to prepare in advance for approaching taxes. You can always count on professional CAs to be in compliance with all the relevant regulations and stipulations.

Merger and Acquisition

It is the valuable counsel of an expert CA that can be utilized to expand business operations through mergers and acquisitions. A knowledgeable chartered accountant will analyze the financial and legal implications to decide if the deal is profitable in regards to the present costs and potential growth.

While there’s much more an experienced CA can do for your business, these 6 are the ultimate services which, if given a careful consideration, can help you script a success story for your business. In case your business needs the expertise of one of the best-chartered accountants in Ambala, India, contact us for assistance.